Formula in Mathematics

Literary if you search google the most beautiful formula equation in math, you will find it. This thing might need you to use a little bit handy. When you see the sign of pi we already know what pi is. There is another number in math which is called I, this is the square root of -1 so somehow I equal to the square root of -1 which you are not allowed to do, there is no way you can multiply two numbers together and get a negative one. Well, there is a way, if you allow what are called complex numbers or imaginary numbers so that you can multiply those two together. You can get even more crazy number not only something does not end but it is not even real number.

There is another number in math also and that number is E. It appears on a lot of scientific calculators. Another number which is just like pi in the sense that it is transcendental does not stop anywhere and also there is not a nice way to express what it is, so this goes by 2.71828. This number is quite impressive, it is one eight, two eight, 45, 90, 45 and more digits beyond. A bunch of nice numbers but this letter e actually comes also somewhere else in mathematics even it’s nicer repeating decimal or even terminating decimal with E.

The probability becomes take the E and raise it then you can finish the equation with two or more numbers like the most basic numbers in math which are 1 and 0.  So what’s going on here is just put together 3 completely numbers and these three numbers will make negative 1 . For all of the nest that was put together it is an Avis called Euler’s identity and it is the most beautiful equation in math because it combines all of these different constants together. There is the pi but suddenly the pi got joined with all these other ones.