Brilliant Mathematicians

Mathematicians are known as delusional psychotic. They are great and brilliant people who thinks fast more than what you expected. Sometimes you think they are crazy but not. They are just someone whoa has promising beyond the reasonable limit. John Nash is an incredible mathematician. He is special and very unusual by himself. He is sweet about his achievement in life to share it to other people about what he is learning. He help someone who had been mentally ill and impoverished. His helping hands had been considered as Nobel Prize in the society for decades. He was always an entity to himself when as a superior of intellectually.

John Nash work on an idea that challenged his thinking in game theory. It was a classical game theory that basically two people are playing against each other. Two person game in which the one person wins the other person loses. Srinivasa Ramanujam, another brilliant mathematician in the history. He left behind some of the most remarkable and beautiful ideas in history of pure mathematics. No one knows quite where these ideas came from. He is a little difficult for an Englishman and Indian to understand one another. He is a competent person who had the chance to see some of his work and satisfaction.

Albert Einstein, the icon of genius. He is known for his theory of general relativity, one of the greatest feats of thinking about nature to come from a single mind. He even study about the universe and everything. All the stuff in math, all the energy in the universe at one time and turns out that you can actually do that with Einstein’s theory. Lastly, we may not know him but definitely know all his contributions, his diverting ideas to the fields of mathematics changed everything forever. He is Al Charisma, the father of mathematics. He used zero as the placeholder and it was one of his concept that he came up.