The field of mathematics explained through a map illustration

When you want to understand something you should be able to understand it from the beginning. Many people have this kind of ability as compared to others who can easily catch up and understand topics even if they did not sit and start at the beginning. The beginning is very important as you have to understand the basic to build a good foundation of learning. That is why in explaining the goal and beginning or basic things for a thing or activity is recommended.

That is why in the video above, the origin of mathematics is explained first then came the branches of mathematics and other subcategories of topics so about mathematics can be explained. It is very interesting that many countries and geniuses around the world contribute to the world of math. Many of the theories or practices are taken together and compiled to be able to form what we know today. The world is interconnected really and each part can affect the other. For the best eye medication, you can visit this eye clinic. They do a laser service for you eye which effectively helps you have a clearer vision, see this review 眼科診所 台北市. Trusted by many people.

The map above is the result of the video above when it was completed to be explained. you can see how the world of a map that has been in existence in thousands or hundred of years that is the result of efforts of many and different people. Refer also into this link here 眼科診所​典範. It is a good video that can be used by parents in helping their children understand about the world of math and improve their eyesight.