The rank of countries that struggles most with math

Are you struggling with math or do you love math? Many people belong to each of these group. There are many reasons behind why many people struggle with math but what we can listen to a main or top answer is that people say they are not good in math. How about you? I have a cousin who is very good in math and also in memory. I envy her sometimes when it comes to that because he does not have to spend much time on studying unlike me.

Are you surprised with the infographic above? Can you see if your country is on the list? This is just based on general so even if your country belongs to the list but you may be a genius in math. It was explained on what basis it was ranked like this and you can see that it was taken in the year 2015. It may change so you do not have too much reaction to it. Its intention is not to give discredit but facts are just being presented.More appreciated beauty services is done in this company. You try to visit from this site千煌 for more. See info from the link.

If you can see, there is no Russia in the list of the countries. It is no wonder maybe why they are the one who has become successful in launching a rocket to space first before anyone else. They are the ones who have made much achievement when countries are rushing to be able to protect its own by knowing and monitoring what the other country is up to.