Real World Applications

One of my favorite books is the math curse and I share it to my students as part of their daily life. I wanna share this book to them because it is about a student that goes through and notices things during their day. I relate back math today. I videotaped frozen pizza and picked it up and on the box that just said 16 inches pizza. So I asked them two questions and showed him the price that I paid for the pizza and I. I said if I would out into 8 pieces, how much would one of those pieces be the cost of one piece of pizza. The other question I ask is if I use the 16 inch diameter what would be the area of the pizza? And we talked through using reference sheet, a calculator to solve for both of those.

Step reference sheet and is what we use and it has formulas for area for notes, for surface area and volume and since they were allowed to use that on my step. We use it in the classroom. I have them laminated and anytime we encounter problem that refers to that. I pass them out and they know that is not a tool that they don’t have to memorize formulas. It is nice to know them but there is always a tool that they can use on as students. They are seeing that math they are learning goes beyond our classroom walls.

In solving math problems, it does not usually needed calculator at all time. Basically, your knowledge is enough to find the answer or solution to that problem. I am amazed to my students who were be able to solve math problems who do not depend on the tools, but just beyond their knowledge. As a professor, I am doing my best to make my students become more intelligent and successful through the Real World Application.