Secret Math Trick

Here are the some math tricks for you that will help you become genius in math. Since math is one of the minor subjects in school, this will gonna help you enlighten and become brilliant in math subject. In multiplying numbers instantly, it’s hard to think the answer quickly. Then how you could answer it quickly without using calculators and other tools for computation?

If you are going to notice a couple of things about two number multiplying together, for example 42 x 48, there are two conditions that you should consider in solving this particular little math. The trick is if you notice these two numbers multiplying to each other the start of them is the same as you notice. The other thing you might notice is the two numbers at the right add up to 10. Now these two conditions have to be met for this math trick to work.

To get the answer quickly, the number in front of it which is the number 4, you go one number above it. So the number above 4 is 5 and then multiply these two numbers to get the first digits. So 5x 4 is 20. Then with the last two numbers, to get the last two digits what we do is we multiply these two numbers. So 2 x 8 is 16. So the final answer is 2016. That’s how easy. This time you do not need to hesitate to answer little math. What you need is to set it up a little bit though nature.